August 23rd, 2002

Andrei in the office

A new obsession!!!!

Note:The enthusiasm contained in this post is to add to the frivolous and pointless humour contained herein. Please free free to join in the madcap game.

Note:While the idea in the main part of the post is meant for fun, there is some good, semi-serious information about me behind the cut.

I'm colecting trading cards!!!! LiveJournal Trading cards

It's free, it's fun, and you can meet new people. And if you don't have any...You can make one up yourself. I know... I did!

Ah, but how do you collect them?!? I have 39 as of this post.

First, find a trading card. You can make your own or take mine :)
Second, add the post as a memory in LJ with the key phrase "Trading Cards"
Third, go find more!!!

Come see my collection!

I thought about the fact that they were called trading cards. I figured they should be collected. Well, I'm a collector...

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What a sad, sad epiphany (

I haven't really eaten very much in the past day or two. I finally got my appetite back, or more properly it got me back. So I made myself spaghetti. I really like spaghetti and especially like playing with spices to make the sauces.

Today, I was finshing my last few mouthfuls and I really took a look at the strands weaved on the plate. There may have only been 5-15 individual spagets weaving their merry path of chaos. And I looked at the plate for a moment.

I wondered, could this be the inspiration for some Seuss-ian character system. Which of course made me wonder if there already was some mystical language that these letters in their mystical battle with chaos may have fallen into by some divine plan in the hopes that someone may read some important message of spirituallity or warning of danger.

I conceptuallized all the languages and messages that I may have never before spent the time to consider simply by looking in the most obvious of places. The mysteries of the unknown could unravel before me!!!

And a second later I shovelled the last of the Great Mysteries into my mouth and washed the plate.
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