July 31st, 2002

Andrei in the office

David vs. Goliath

So realizing that I obviously have the same amount of business savvy as the next multi-majored, college drop out with 10+ years, single industry experience. I figured I'd take this opportunity to go toe-to-toe with Forbes Magazine, Editor-in-chief, Steve Forbes.

In the August 12, 2002 issue of Forbes, Mr. Forbes makes some grandiose comments in a column called "Fact and Comment". Personally, I disagree with most of the scare tactics he has chosen to use.

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Andrei in the office

Something light and simple

Work has been fun today. I posted my Forbes debate to a new board I joined: debate i spoke to a few people online including the new hot shot developer (bivaughn) to join the ijournal dev team. I think he'll add a touch of motivation to the project.

Ticket one of three seems to have been re-credited to me. So D*C is now re-planned. I have two more tix to take care of.

Meanwhile over on debate apparently I "Won" my first debate.

On the work front, I finally figured out how to add a post-processing shell script to a PB build process. (Don't worry about the geekyness)
I also figured out how to make a Package Builder package. This is a cool thing because it's how Apple does installs.

Last night I held a business meeting for Midsummer. This as usual dissolved into a social occasion where I debated willskyfall on the merits of Mac over PC. I had facts, that usually throws your debate partner into disarray ;)

I'm getting very psyched for the tarot class I will be teaching next month. A lot of people seem interested both in and out of the order. So... the pressure is on. I'm thinking if the class is received well that I will take it to other venues. Right now I really would love people to comment on the spreads I did and posted in tarot. There are 1, 2 spreads.

I also made an LJ icon for tygeressdenacht who will be missed by several people in the L.A. OTO (Blue Horizon and LVX).
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