July 27th, 2002

Andrei in the office

"Oh what a night..."

So.... tygeressdenacht made it in safely yesterday for her weekend of OTO in LA. Surprisingly, despite a delay on the tarmac in Pittsburgh, a problem with the plane in Chicago, and United's less than perfect schedule; she arrived right on time. Most of us at the office had pretty much blown off the afternoon. The load at work is light, and well. The Apple Uber-Store in L.A. opened yesterday.

We pushed thru the Friday afternoon traffic and made it back to my place from the airport (all 11 miles) in a new, record hour and 45 minutes. (This is why, we don't measure travel in distance in L.A.)

i invited Frater P (Yes, he who invited me to see Mitnick) to joint the two of us to investigate an invite I had received.

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