July 25th, 2002

Andrei in the office

bitch whine moan grump....

I ran my Palm calendaring program this morning and discovered that I've lost everything that I'd put in from today forward. I have to reinput about 50-75 items from scratch. Grrr. And I can't switch to Entourage because it won't work with my Palm. Add to my complaint list a lack of iCal/iSync for another month.

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Andrei in the office


Well, it's arranged and official.

Baring any strangeness or emergencies. I will be Deaconing my first EGC Mass on September 7, 2002 through the Blue Horizon Camp of the OTO.

I've been acting in the role as child for a while and have been itching to move into a more officerial position in the Mass. I'd gotten bitten by the bug about 4-5 years ago when a friend asked me to officiate as the Priest at her wedding. To explain this, I was infact performing a legal wedding. Their original plan was to go to a JP and do a quick, "Do you? Do you? Okay, you're done" and then hold a 'performance" of their wedding that weekend in a Castle with me playing the role of Priest.

It turned out that in Massachusettes, one can be granted a 24 Hr. JP License through application and by character reference of a Lawyer. (Yes, the latter of this sounds like an oxymoron) As a result, I was the officiator of the wedding. It was an amazing experience bringing together two friends in this form of atmosphere and definitely aided in charging me further down my own religious path.

So, now the door has opened a bit wider, and I am now intensifying my studies in the Mass to prepare for my role as Decon in about 45 days.

Happy, excited, Andrei!!!
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Andrei in the office

Posting readings...

Since I'm getting more active in my Tarot work, I'm going to start posting my spreads in tarot. I posted 1 of 3 readings I did last night and will continue to do so (assuming no one complains) ;) These are spreads from readings done for people. I will not tell you about the person, how I interpreted it, or what the discussion that ensued was.

I may add some of those details after people make comments over on that board. The first post is up.

Feel free to look and comment. I'd like to hear other interpretations.
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Andrei in the office

Dear gods... more?

Well after last week's discussion/thread concerning the song Silent Running (On Dangerous ground by Mike and the Mechanics; I was able to locate a copy of the famed Choke Canyon on Amazon for about five bucks. Admittedly, with shipping it was about Seven. The tape arrived yesterday at the office (as I never ship to my home anymore).

The tape case has a picture of Star Stephen Collins in all his 80's hair, Willard Decker (ST:TMP) glory. Yet, he still has those 7th Heaven, Ministerial, trust-me eyes.

I have yet to endure the 5/10 rated film (by 20 votes), But it also has Lance Henriksen in it.. so how bad ... could... it...

More soon on this...
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