June 28th, 2002

Andrei in the office

The captivity of the non-God fearing American's... Day 3

From CNN:

Dr. Michael Newdow, a Sacramento, California, physician with a law degree who represented himself and whose daughter attends public school in Elk Grove, said he brought the lawsuit that led to the ruling "because I am an atheist and this offends me."

Newdow said that since the ruling he has received death threats, including one left on his answering machine that said, "You're a dead man walking."

I love the self righteous who proclaim to know the word and sentiment of God and then ignore the little thing called "the Ten Commandments"

4 wolves and a lamb.
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Andrei in the office

Something not politically motivated!!!!

Last week I had a 20 Gig VST Firewire Drive go South. This was my main shuttle drive. All my work was on it. Work projects, personal projects, finances, what have you.

Now, this was south as in the drive goes, "Clack, clack, clack." Not south as in, "but, gosh, wouldn't it be great if you worked for those guys that write Norton Utilities." A coworker reccommended a company called DriveSavers

I fed-ex'ed them the drive yesterday. Today I was just notified that all 4 partitions were safely recovered and will be sent to me on 4 separate DVD. Barring no problems today, they will go out today and be on my desk on Monday. :) I am happy. VERY Happy.
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Andrei in the office

A good friend

...can give you that smile at just the right time...

(03:05) Friend: So what's going on
(03:06) Andrei: Just an off day.
(03:06) Friend: I do understand.
(03:06) Friend: Been that way myself
(03:07) Andrei: Confused about stuff. (Big surprise)
(03:08) Friend: What's up?
(03:09) Andrei: ... relationships, the little things.
(03:13) Friend: Ah, our usual topics of conversation
(03:15) Andrei: yup. Maybe there's some answer in 777
(03:16) Friend: I doubt it...the only thing mystics have ever understood about women is that they want toasted ice
(03:17) Andrei: *LOL* Thanks. I needed that.
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