June 25th, 2002

Andrei in the office

More changes.

I have for well pointed out reasons; removed myself from the membership of polyamory, bdsm_poly, compersion, and polyamorous None the less, I leave them in my friends list. I do this because anything I want to read on any basis either goes in my friends list or on my personal bookmark list. Personally, I do not believe I am capable of practicing polyamory as I find myself far too selfish and jealous in a relationship. I maintain my readership, because I am always open to have someone attempt to logically change my mind. Further, I do not cut myself off from the community or interacting with any member of the community solely on that basis.

However, again, i've pulled my membership because, while I strongly support another's decision to be poly if it is their decision/will. It is not my practice, and despite the fact that we know "Member of" doesn't necessarily mean you practice it; I feel the need to clarify it to anyone who might make the assumption.

All in all this may sound a bit odd and closed minded of me. But I assure you it's not. Anyone who wishes to take up their concerns or offense with me can do so either in this thread or with me in person.

For the sake of arguement, I've also dropped: sex0rz, sextips and sex_addicts as none really appeal to me at the moment.
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Andrei in the office

Last note

Will attempt to take excerpts from the 24 pages of legal paper that I hand wrote on from 3pm to 9pm Monday as I went thru all different states. They will be editted and (as always) entered as I feel I have time or inclination to do so.

Sleepy now. Been resisting because I burnt the holy-hell out of my back and it is very sore. Yes, Andrei is now a person of tan. Or at least cherry red.

Sleep now. Work tomorrow.

Fire bad, tree pretty.
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Andrei in the office

Andrei is.....

Stolen happily from fiannaharpar's post on June 25th

To explain: This is the result of a google search on "Andrei is" all in quotes. My favourites from the first 4 pages are on top, others are behind the cut.

Firstoff, my favourite international discovery:
"Andrei is..." a campground in Nederland

Andrei is a very ill little boy.
Andrei is entrusted with the letter to the Czar.
Andrei is not Jewish but the illegitimate son of the school teacher who wanted to hide his extra-marital affair
Andrei is an extremely brave person
if Andrei is released, he will hand over three officers.
Andrei, is a reclusive young photographer shadowed by the memory of his dead mother.
Andrei is a world-class expert in software development using C++.
Andrei is a well established Gastroenterologist in Longview, Texas
Andrei is still battling his weight problem and appeared to have gained weight since being drafted.
Andrei is 26 years old
Andrei is about to have a "dual faith" experience himself, and so are you if you let the movie have its way.
Andrei is a man of high emotion and high spirits -”a real live wire,” in the words of Jazz assistant coach Gordie Chiesa.
Andrei is in hiding from the court and investigation and could influence the course of the investigation.
Andrei is such a kind and good-natured boy.
Andrei is among the injured men.
Andrei is a hero of the Revolution whom Kavalerov envies and who represents the rising generation.
Andrei is elegant and socially polished, though proud and somewhat aloof and reserved;

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