June 5th, 2002

Andrei in the office

For today:

I've got to iron out my teaching lesson outline for a Cocoa class I'm doing on Friday afternoon. I took my old Triparian Citizenship Frame and am framing my certification from Hillegass who taught the class. (I know, sacrilege and I should just give my soul to MKB now :-D )

I'm also working on some behind the scenes for the open source project iJournal for Mac OSX 2.0. It really looks like it's going to kick the ass of every other client (not just the other Mac ones). The main dev cryo has given me a lot of strong feedback on my initiative to overhaul the 1.x client. If you want to see some working drafts, drop me a line.

Later today I'm hoping to bail.
(Side note: boy Freddy mercury really sounds like Jon Anderson when he sings "Flash" (ah-aaaaa) Anyway....

Later today I'm hoping to bail early (as I've been here since 6am); I want to get some more cleaning and laundry done. The laundry pile is approaching the trash heap in Fraggle Rock

Assuming plans don't change, "Ms. Aries" will be dropping by. We both recently got new plates for her car and we'll be re-christening our cars. Yes, I'm truly sad. My new plate is a coastal prevention plate with the license: 93SCA93 Old habits die hard. Afterwards, she's going to teach me how to snorkel! I mean I can swim...sorta. I can do a messy breast stroke. I can tread water. I'm relatively good at back stroke. And if I have a mask covering my eyes and nose, I can usually submerge for a good 2 minutes.So this should be...interesting.

More on things later :)
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