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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

Andrei in the office

Gods... another one....

Stolen from vocis (she to whom I owe my career):


I am 69% worshipable! And you? Find out!

Now, after reading this one. This could make me swear off tests. I played with my answers and I became more 'worshipable' the more I was 'a good boy.' Personally, I think worshipability comes from a strong character, charisma, and a solid belief structure that rivals others.

Granted that's just me. So 'la la la"

Andrei in the office

LJ online quizzes

Fianna (fiannaharpar) wrote @ 2002-05-31 14:05:00

The fact that I took this quiz in the first place probably knocks off about 5% of my worshipableness.

Bookstores used to sell a blue and white leaflet like magazine to test your own IQ. It has a series of white sillhouetted heads that got progressvely larger and had an increasing IQ in each one.

I always thought it'd be wonderful if one of those magazines had the following on the page where you computed the end score:

All cumulative
Point adjustment descPoint adjustment
If you really thought this would compute your IQSubtract 5 points
If you bought this for someone elseSubtract 15 points
If you bought this for yourselfSubtract 25 points
If you bought this.Subtract 20 points
If you're not sure what cumulative meansSubtract 30 points
If youthink this will get you into MensaSubtract 100 points Mr. Gump.