May 28th, 2002

Andrei in the office

The IM report

It would seem that the office has replaced a networking card in their firewall machine. Our team's subnet is not supposed to be firewalled. Unfortunately, in replacing the card, we have been firewalled in again. So far this kills the following processes:

Yahoo messenger: Java and local client
AOL Instant Message
iDisk: Web DAV mounting
Secure FTP
Loading email: Eudora, OE, Mulberry

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Andrei in the office


So, people have been putting down the compatibility test. I made one for myself so I can people can see exactly how 'compatible' they are with me. My opinion and faith in these tests however have been dropping like a stone lately.

When I made this test, I think it tried to compare me to me. Compatibility Test

Your match with Andrei
96% friendship compatibility
93% relationship compatibility

How Compatible are You and Your Andrei?

Needless to say I am amused that I am 4% incompatible to myself, and even more humourous 7% unlikely to want to date myself :)

Any other takers?
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Andrei in the office

Not leaving well enough alone....

take free enneagram test

Here's the top and bottom:

type score summary
5 18 Fives are basically on some level ambivalent about the world, consequently, their mind is usually their best friend. They like to analyze things and make sense of them (that is their anchor), perception and invention come naturally. The immense inner world of fives can cause them to lose touch or interest in reality.
9 9 Nines are calm, laid-back, and optimistic. They are able to see everyone's point of view, and have a natural desire for making peace. Consequently, they are effective mediators. Fearful of conflict and separation from others, they can be too accommodating and unassertive.

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