May 23rd, 2002

Andrei in the office

*lol*. Why, OH WHY does it happen to me.

This was today's flyby IM'ing

today's live one (TLO for short) is a male from San Diego inhis early 40's

TLO: hello
life_magick: Hello
TLO: whats UP
TLO: wow 2 sisters
TLO: nice you look happy between them
life_magick: ?
TLO: in your pictures
TLO: so what do you like
life_magick: Just curious which pictures you are looking at 
TLO: the one with you and two girls
life_magick: Oh, in my briefcase? The blonder one is a very old friend. If it's the picture I think it is. Boy, that was when I really, REALLY needed to start a diet
TLO: your still sexy looking
life_magick: Well, gosh.

And the conversation ended.

Yigh.... Why me ?!? ;)
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Andrei in the office

Blah! work meetings

Manager of the other Mac team just came in and requested my presence at a managers meeting to discuss the hell projects that keep falling in my laps. He requested my presence rather than invited me as he made it clear that he didn't feel I needed to be there but my manager said I should. Probably because at least my manager remembers that these additional hell projects will probably be droped in my lap and better to have me advise them on how it should be done then to decide for themselves and then drop it in my lap.

This would be rationally cool if they'd actually do it 'my' way like I continually advise; but people don't like the fact that I'm distributing wok rather than pumelling one person with it. :-p
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