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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

Andrei in the office

Carn-evil (the short summary)

I hand wrote a 7 page entry while inspired on the flight in. Carnival had it's ups and downs. I may have to adjust the post I hand wrote.I am home. It is now 3:30 as the flight out was just as badly delayed as the flight inThe only huge surprise was chatting briefly with Denise Crosby while we were waiting for her luggage. I didn't make a scene. She's an enchantingly friendly and kind woman.

I noted the irony that I've lived here about a year and the only other person I've talked to or seen that was 'famous' was Jonathan Frakes.

DC: "Oh, I did a series with him"
Me: "I'm familiar with it."

As is my practice, I didn't ask for an autograph. I've come to the realization that in the 'real world' people that are/were celebrities want to be treated like real people.

As for carnival... as I said it's now 3:50. I am punchy...tired...and this never puts me in the best frame of mind. Check again in 3 hrs when I need to get up for work :-b

Andrei in the office

AIM Away

In my own space.
Not the best place.
Speak if you will, I'll respond if I chill.
These weary eyes sometimes wish they were blind.

Andrei in the office

And the irony of it all:

Dear Andrei, here is your Premium Service for today:

Your Premium Horoscope for April 22, 2002.

It wouldn't be surprising if you reach a turning point sometime today, Greg. Whether you call it a crisis or a realization, it will be one of those times in life when you must choose one direction and relinquish another. Of course, Aries people like you are notorious for their dislike of uncertainty. You never hesitate, and usually rise to challenges. Though you will end today running full-tilt for the goal, expect a few suspenseful moments before your feet touch down...

How well will I interact with my romantic partner? OK
OK, but you would do well to back off a little today. The Moon and your Natal Mercury form a favorable angle. Your plans look promising. A gentle serenity fills the air.

Will the planets favor any financial deals today? poor
No, the atmosphere is unfavorable for such contacts. Contradictory feelings might be upsetting while the Moon/Venus aspect lasts. This means that it would be better to postpone meetings and discussion on this subject.

Is meeting new people well aspected at this time? Good
Yes, and your positive attitude will help you a great deal if you want to meet people. This Mars quintile your Natal Moon might solve some possible communication problems with others. This means, your new contacts may even lead to long-lasting relationships.