February 14th, 2002

Andrei in the office

A question online

Earlier this week I question was posted to a mailing list that I read. The question was something very important to me and it took me a few days to find my response. Below I post my response (unedited) as I am sending it to the list. It really doesn't matter if anyone reads it...it was more for me. But if you wish to.. It is open. If you wish to add your comments, feel free. If you want to answer the question... That too is cool. Have fun...This was something really good for me.

On 2/12/02 9:09 PM, "Dxxxx" <xxxxx@blinkylights.xxx> wrote:
> If you ran into the self that you were 10 yrs ago, what would that
> 10-years-younger-self think of who you are today and vice versa?
> - dxxxx

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