January 10th, 2002


And the beat goes on

Day 5: Low on food, low on liquid intake; the tums...the tums....

I could call it an uneventful day...but it's been more of the same with new players and status.

Woke up a little after 4am in a horrible state. Last dosed at 10pm so it was over 6 hrs. Shaking and dizzy I made my way into the bathroom and took my dosage. Shambling back into bed in a manner that would make Lovecraft proud, I shook violently for about 30 minutes before going back to sleep.

I became mostly awake at 9:30am when Ariana called. We talked for a while and then I tried to get myself into a really good awake, state.

I had a 1pm appt with a new local doctor to see how I'm progressing. She confirmed what the hospital had shown and told me to maintain the medications. She did tell me to try to lighten the 1gm of tylenol from once every 4 hrs to every 6 hrs. Something about trying not to blow out my liver. She'll see me again Monday Morning. Which means that I will officially be going onto disability (sheesh, I thought that was for people who got hit by forklifts or something). Hopefully, I will only be on for at most a day or two.

After that I meandered the 1/2 mile to my bank. Wires complete and funds in their place I withdrew a rather meaty Cashiers Check. I then walked across the street to Mailboxes, Etc. And had it fedEx'ed out.

I guess the good thing is that I said by the end of this week. So I'm actually ahead of the game by a day. Bully for me :-/

Would that the value of the check were anywhere near the value of what I lost.

The walk back was long and despite the weather being glorious (mid to hi 70's with light spring breeze) It had been 10am since my last dosage and I was horribly cold and getting jittery.

I've just gotten back. First I wrote some email. Other people get the more technical, more detailed version first. Then the elaboration without so many technical details.

Now I'm recently redosed and waiting for the meds to kick in. This will bring my mood back up. It unfortunately falls off a bit at dosage time. Maybe a 'happier' post later.
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Andrei in the office

Damn it, Sama.... Or a quick one off.

Half an hour ago I took a medicine cabinet
2 benedryl (to reduce swelling)
2 500mg tylenol (fever)
1 15 mg zyrtec (allergy)
1 levaquin (antibiotic)
1 300mg Ranitidine (allergy/antacid)
1 tsp hycodin (cough)

As I lay in bed 5 minutes ago listening to my heart do the macarena I tried to meditate and listen to the rhythm

Bring it down to normal.

I had the rhythm...
Then I had "I got the music in me" in my head
Then I had "That's the way I Rike it" by KC and Sunshine Band.

And I thought to my self...

oh sama sama sama....

Then I trudged out of bed to inflict it on everyone else.

Goodnight until tommorow.
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