January 6th, 2002

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It was the best of times....it was the worst of times

It's been an interesting year so far. Not bad when you're only on day #6 of 365 (or is it 366 this year...Hmmn, I don't think it's a leap year)

I haven't really posted much, or been online, or done much of anything this weekend. I started to feel really physically lousy Friday afternoon. Well, with the stress, and chaos that the first week has brought; it would seem that my natural defences took a few days off to let me sort this stuff out on my own.

Unfortunately, what this means is that I caught Da Flu. After not sleeping well at all Friday Night, I woke up with a 101.2 temperature.
*sheepish smile* When it rains it pours.

I've been massively dosing on a combination of DayQuil and Halls and Vicks 44E and NyQuil (Taken in the bedroom so that I don't find myself waking up on the kitchen floor) Lots of Apple Juice, Sprite, and Crackers.

Today...Though I should be cleaning for my guest next Saturday... I am sitting on the couch trying to not get to dizzy or the like. I'm sipping Sprite and eating crackers. On the TV is the Bears/Jags game. On Real audio is Captain Cope and the Pittsburgh Stiller's 'n'at.

In other news. I'm waiting for the funds in my ESPP to be released to my brokerage acct so that I can make good on my debt. I've basically put myself into a financial hold save food (sick has made that easy) and the impending conference until this current issue is completely rectified.

The steelers are 14-7 in the 3rd and I'm getting a little fuzzy so for now, I'll sign off.
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health, flu, sick

the Flu: Please read

As of Saturday morning I was at 101.3 (F)
This morning I was at 101.1 (F)
Just 50 minutes ago after being violently ill; I clocked in at 102.3. At 102.5 it is advised that one gets to a hospital.

I have instructed Meredith to post updates here, in the HOPEFULLY UNLIKELY case that I am unable to.

Wishes and prayers appreciated... other sentiments understood....

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