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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness


Finding the truth.... (from the bus ride in to work)

This is going to be another of hopefully many posts where I just look at myself. I say another, because it's a process I've begun and need to continue. I say hopefully because I seem to do it more after bad things from my past come back to hit me in the head with a shovel, and less so after the instance has been remedied. I say many because each time I look down the road to recovery, it looks like a longer trip than a shorter one.

Note: some of what I come up with gives me the immediate desire for an adjunct post. I will note that and try to get to the post as soon as I can. I hope that I will not delay or lose it in the shuffle of available time. I will also try to remember to mark the original with a link to the post when I get to it.

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Don't despair...

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