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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

And in other news: Hebrew

Last evening I wrapped up a 2 part Hebrew Class I was teaching for the order.

I spent far too many hours putting all my notes into Keynote (PowerPoint for the Mac). But the end result was more than worth it.

The presentations for the class can be viewed at:
  • Week 1 - http://www.apolo.cc/Hebrew/notes1.mov
  • Week 2 - http://www.apolo.cc/Hebrew/notes2.mov

    These are Quicktime movies of the presentations. This is just the slides without the lecture. They can be played by any machine that has Quicktime installed (default on mac) Once the movie is playing, click on the movie to advance the slides.

    Also on the side is the accompanying Hebrew Charts I made for study and reference.
    The charts are:
  • Week 1 - כ---א First half of the aleph-bet
  • Week 2 - ת---ל Second half of the aleph-bet with final forms.

    I will be adding more materials in the coming months.

    This was a great experience. I hadn't really seriously studied the forms and shapes of the hebrew alphabet for.... Well, let's just say I'm not 13 any more. I enjoy teaching. I will have to get more together.

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    mind if I link these to the LVX site??

    Any body can link to it. I just ask credit for the material :)

    >I just ask credit for the material :)

    well..there goes my plan :-(

    I'll be making some updates in the next few days..thanks!

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