December 30th, 2001

Enslin colour

Mass today....

So, here I sit in the lodge waiting for mass to begin. This is going to be a wonderful mass because a local Bishop is coming up to ordain our Oasis Master as a priest. Well... i thought that were the case. I've just found out that our Bishop is very sick and there will not be an ordination. But I have my camera. This will none-the-less be his first mass.

I've been away from the Order for several months. The victim of a fly-by initiation. Well, wasn't fly-by...I did it Willingly to myself. However, as most of _us_ know; any magickal ritual we perform changes us in ways that may not be evident for weeks or even months or years. Initiatory rituals are meant to be a transforming experiences. This one absolutely was.

Part II
Mass was lovely, I'll post a picture of our local priest and priestess later. I'm in the living room of the post-mass social that usually occurs. I've missed being around these people. With everything going on, I've sort of felt like my own little deserted island. I'm still not back in the mesh with everything around me....But at least I seem to be sailing back to shore.