December 13th, 2001


Something I found on the net....

This excerpt I found on Google after deciding to do a search on my last name. The list (this is before the web proliferation) was simply a list of independant channels by city and the day and time that DS9 was debuting. This was also way before UPN....and Voyager...and Enterprise...

Back in the old days....You had to maintain email that you wold post to subscribers and Usenet groups. This excerpt is from a posting called: "the List of Periodic Informational Postings"

the memory jog is the date and email acct. Wow...almost 10 years old.

 Subject: DEEP SPACE 9 == WHERE?!? == The List
 From: (Greg Tapolow)
 Frequency: weekly
 Date: Sun, 20 Dec 92 14:05:16 GMT
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