November 29th, 2001

Andrei in the office

Random quotes added to a profile

Everyday is a learning experience. -GT

Every act is a magickal act. -AC

Life is just's living. - Spike

WEEOAOOWOWAO - Ben Franklin while kite flying.
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Andrei in the office

Rainy days and Thursdays

Well, it was bound to happen. One of those rare rainy days in Sothern California hits on a bus morning. FURRY PEOPLE HATE WET! It was also one of those mornings where the bus came up behind me about a 50 ft. sprint before the stop. The bus driver made eye contact thru side view mirror with me and yet still started to pull away. I did the big city knocking on the window because at that point the traffic signal decided to change in my favour.

The doors shished open with a gasp of compressed air and she sat there smiling wryly at me like some ancient nemisis.

*looks at last sentance* more Harry Potter just before bed. Descriptions are getting too silly. Or perhaps it's just the morning dose of the Red Hot Chili Peppers :-D
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Andrei in the office


You'll feel like you were hit by lightning! The transiting Venus is building
a sextile to your Natal Uranus, creating an atmosphere filled with electricity
and excitement. You and your partner will discover fascinating new ways of
thinking and communicating that might keep you sleepless for several nights.
Tireless and full of ideas, both of you will want to reinvent the world. In
the next 5 days, your minds will undergo an intellectual meltdown, which you
will never forget.

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Andrei in the office

New Pictures :)

Well I finally got some artwork that I commissioned. Some of it was over 15 months in the work. I took the artwork and cropped out the non-head areas to add to my list of picts. Here are the latest additions:

I think the B&W actually came out better than I'd planned.
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Andrei in the office

A good satire on recent SNL

Inside the actor's studio with "Drew Barrymore" played by that girl from Almost Famous...

Name a profession you'd like to do other than yours, "Umm...a knife maker"
Name a profession you'd never like to do, "Well, anything that involves burning monkeys."

Okay when I find this's bed time!
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