November 27th, 2001

Andrei in the office

Just an observation or few.

This is what happens when you are trying not to doze off on a bus ride thru the city.... ;) I am riding the Santa Monica Bus line towards the connecting MTA busline back to the Valley, (Fer sure...) On the bus is the usual mix of bus-like denizens. However, this evening, I note a small contingency of asian women. Roughly college age.

I'm always amused that they seem to travel in packs. Almost like wolves...But without the fear that they are on the hunt. I'm unable to place the nationality of this group. Normally, I can't. Unless I listen to them speak and can blithely pick out somethi ng that sounds, "Japanese, or chinese, or korean or something."

I am glad to publically admit that my eye is always drawn to the female Asian face. Perhaps it's the fact that the eye shape is so noticably and artistically different from my own western eyes. We are always most aware of each other's differences than similarities.

A commedianne, Margaret Cho, pointed out that she reveled in her Asian decent as it gave her a handy excuse of dealing with people. Being fully American, she has little to no "Asian" accent. However, as demonstrated in her stand up, in times of need she is glad to invoke a deep accent, "I don't speak English" to avoid having to deal with people.

I think to myself about doing that with an English accent, smile, and am then reminded of the Scottish character in "Chicken Run" that Mel Gibson can not understand.

Time has passed while I've been by one they have gotten off the bus. They didn't really talk to each other...So I assume that they just sat in a clump. I guess the 'safety in numbers' concept. Granted, thru conditioning growing up...I don't wander too far back in the bus either....

My bus is getting to the transfer point...we'll finish this on the next bus (assuming it's not SRO)
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Andrei in the office

More of Zen and the art of Bussing.

This is part 2 of my stream of consciousness ride through the depths of L.A.

Much better tonight than last night. Last night was the hell ride. We had a driver that went tearing through the first 20% of the ride. If there was only one person at the stop you basically had to jump on in motion. By the time we'd gotten halfway, the driver had no clue as to where she was on the time schedule. About 1 1/2 miles from my stop she decided that she was now waaay ahead of schedule and had to make a five minute rest at every stop to prevent being early.

I got off and walked.

But tonight, things are back to *ho hum* normal. Riding busses for some reason stirs something in me. And it's not nausia. Well, not usually. It lets me look at people. Real people. Weill, real city people. At least it's not the selection of perfect people you get on TV.

I mean...I love Buffy as much as the next addict...I'm trying to get home by 8pm as it is. Last new episode of the first block before reruns...don'tya know....But let's face it. We never had friends that looked like anyone on Buffy. Except maybe Jonathan and the other members of the doofus trio. (Read my lips Buffy fans...Little Bad...NOT the Big Bad. My money is still on Willow)

Hell, Willow was the closest to people I wnated to hang out with in School and she is still just too damned pretty to be real. And to all those out there that I care about, have dated, and the like. I'm not selling anyone short here. Because I don't go for looks alone, character emphasises looks a hundred fold.

This still sounds really bad. I think what I'm going for here is that the folks that look really pretty on TV are typically kinda blank inside....and this reduces their potential realness that makes someone really attractive.

But I waaaay digress. Then there are the people on the bus. Compared to the people I care about...most of these people are down rught scary. Granted, I'm probably a) Over generalizing and over stereotyping....and b) just as scary to them >:-)

My eyes droop for a momentart extended blink. I love when this happens. My brain dances the fine line between conscious and sub-conscious and sometimes un-conscious. Free-assoociation reigns and I have fun correspondances tha my brain puts together. I climb the ladder back up to conciousness (often sudden) I lose most of what my brain has devised. :-b

Sunset Blvd and part three will be next....
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Andrei in the office

Just to be obscure

Inspired by Shawn (Damn, if you'd asked me if I'd make that comment a week ago ;) Who was in turn inspired by Ben and such by Dee....

Musicians that make me wish I had bamboo shoots shoved under my fingernails:

(A)qua. (B)ritny Spears. (C)aptain and Tennille. (D)r. Dre. (E)die Brickell. (F)atboy Slim. (G)oon Squad.
(H)ootie and the Blowfish.(I)ce ANYTHING except house. (J)im Naibors.(K)C and the Sunshine Band. (L)ee Ann Rimes.(M)illi Vanilli.(N)ew Kids on the Block.(O)livia Newton-John. (P)avarotti, Luciano. (Q)ueen Latifah. (R)ighteous Brothers. (S)eegar Bob, and his Bullets. (T)iffany.(U)2. (V)anilla Ice. (W)illiam Shatner.(X)ydeco.(Y)ello (Despite Oh, Yeah).(Z)appa (Any that isn't Frank!).