October 24th, 2001

Andrei in the office

And on the 3rd day he rested

In engineering as in many other jobs you are sometimes given a project you really love to work on. It's the thing you like doing and this unto itself is a good thing (tm). However, this project usually is delivered with 2-5 other projects that you hate. Furthermore, these projects are far more important and (of course) need to be finished by last week.

My happiness is that I've just finished all but one of the 'icky' projects and may now go back to working on my baby. I can't really talk about it in this open forum....yet. But I'll reserve bragging rights for later :)

All in all, life has been okay. I'm still happy with my cleaning efforts. A friend came by the house and gave me the requisite, "Am I in the right place?" This was sufficient to make me happy. I'm also finally getting a chance to tear into old packed boxes from my first Calif move. I found all my old genealogy stuff and am hoping to get in touch with my local relative before she gets too old.

Things are still a mess with my natural family. At latest count my maternal side of the family is positive that my father died in August, my paternal side is positive that he is doing fine. Personally, I don't have the energy to even bother with it anymore.

So this was just a quick breather while I prepare to dive into my pet project for the rest of today. Wish me luck I'm on a tight time frame :)

Andrei in the office

It was the project that wouldn't die....

Well task more than project. I thought it was done. Yes one of those little ickydoms. This is much like Buffy trying to figure out how to make the woman asking for the Mummy-Hand happy. If you don't understand the reference, you are not watching the right TV show on Tuesday nights.
Now I sit waiting to find out if my last fix helped the situation....