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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Eye on the cat, part 2

Yesterday, I called the cat owner. He was a reasonable sounding man with a slight hispanic accent named Antonio. He got the cat for his 4 year old daughter from the local equivalent of the Pennysaver.

He told me where he lived and how the cat is fed and has free range. He also explained that the cat had a history of getting out of tags. He assured me that the cat had had all of its shots.

Then yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang. Antonio was looking for the cat up and down the street. I introduced myself as the person who spoke to him on the phone. After seeing the cat was tagged, I've been getting in the process of ushering it out at night so it's not sleeping in the house.

I did a scan in the house and couldn't find it. Then I went to the cat nest that I know it's made. The back porch has some utility shelves that we store our camping supplies on. The cat loves to hide in the rolls of the sleeping bags. I extracted the cat and brought it out to Antonio. Antonio had brought the vaccination paperwork and the clipping from the newspaper. He was concerned because the cat stopped showing up when he would bring his daughter home from school. It would jump up on the car when they parked.

So, it seems that he is a responsible cat owner. So, it looks like jnanacandra and I will be taking a trip to the shelters to find one that can live with us without us wondering when someone will come looking.

Edit Clarified a typo thanks to the watchful cat-like eye of jnanacandra

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A perfect example of why that girl (can't remember her name) shouldn't have taken that dog. Good thing that no one let her, huh?

I think it's good that he's a responsible pet owner- but what if the cat would rather live with you?

That is a sticky wicket...

We are more than willing to provide food, but the cat albeit as 'property' could be viewed as belonging to the other guy.

I don't really want to deprive the guy of the cat. I'll probably offer food but I won't let it be in the house overnight. I'm more concerned about the kid who doesn't necessarily understand 'cat' dynamics yet.

Granted. We are talking cat here. If let out of the house it will certainly wander where it will. In the long run, I'd rather have a cat that will not have the potential of 'debate' with another human

I'm glad he seems to be responsible. Did he say what he's going to do differently in light of the cat's behavior?

He should also get the cat microchipped if keeping collars on is a problem. That way at least if the cat ends up at a shelter they'll be able to reunite cat and owner.

And yeah, sounds like it's time for you to get a cat of your own. Or two, if you're both out of the house a lot due to work. Two aren't much more trouble than one, and they keep each other amused.

A good idea. I'd forgotten to mention it to him. I may have to do that. We were going to take the cat to the vet to see if it might already be microchipped.

jnanacandrahas been looking at the local shelters. I have to agree with her that I'm torn. We'd like to go with a no-kill shelter because we really support the idea. But at the same time we'd like to go to the other kind because we hate the idea that the cats there won't survive long.

She works out of the house, but two always seems reasonable. While they aren't pack animals, they do have a definite social quality to them.

Re: Microchipping...

I've had cats since I was a baby. My mom says I tld them all of my secrets when I was little. I can't imagine living in a house that I didn't share with at least one cat (I'm currently up at four and holding, one for each corner of the bed).

Good luck in your search for your cats. :)

One wonders if perhaps the "Cat That Is Not A Cat" would get along well with the jnanacandra? I imagine that even the pack of howling canines wouldn't dissuade this kitty.

We live with a cat (a Cornish Rex). He doesn't go outside (poor kid was declawed before we got him) and he's microchipped. He's a good boy except when he decides it's his time to surf the 'net - he likes to walk on my keyboard.

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