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MEMETime: An interesting Survey

Netscape is running a survey to find out what the 10 biggest stories of 2003 were. They list 30 stories and you drag medals of 1-10 to each story.

My choices were:
  1. Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Gay Sex
  2. California Recall
  3. Anglicans split on Gay Bishop
  4. Mass. Court allows Gay Marriage
  5. Sars Epidemic
  6. Blackout Hits U.S.
  7. 10 Commandments Judge removed
  8. Columbia Disaster
  9. Elizabeth Smart victim of kidnapping rescued
  10. California Wildfires

Now I admit to skipping things referring to Iraq, Terrorism, etc... To me, these stories had the biggest impact in my life. So I may be self centered in my choices.

Here are the results so far by people who have done the survey:
  1. War In Iraq, Occupation is difficult.
  2. Columbia Disaster
  3. Elizabeth Smart victim of kidnapping rescued
  4. California Recall
  5. Sars Epidemic
  6. California Wildfires
  7. Jessical Lynch Captured
  8. D.C. Sniper Suspects on trial
  9. Hunt for Al-Qaida Leaders
  10. Blackout Hits U.S.

Which to me seems to indicate that news readers on CNN/Netscape think that War internationally is more newsworthy than domestic rights of the individual.

So... what do you think were the top stories of 2003?

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