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Brain go too fast. Santa dropped by

Want to type. Haven't typed in a while. Brain is kinda going in about 10 different ways at once. This of course means... I'll probably write nothing that is of any value or worse of any sense to anyone but me. Assuming it even makes sense to me.

I just got back from RotK. And believe it or not; this post really isn't about the film. This post is about the rather interesting gnostic ping that went off during the film. Now, in the past I think I've posted about gnostic pings. Currently I'm downloading the history of my journal to post a reference if there is one. Except this time, it's not so much a ping as perhaps a small gnostic tactical nuke.

See, when you're on a spiritual path, you never quite know where it's going to take you. But then again, when it does you sorta sit back and say to yourself, "Yeah, I knew that was gonna ... WHOOWHWOWHOOOOAAAAAHAOAOOOO!!!!" And then of course it feels like someone has jump started your brain from the inside out.

And the inevitable is that it's nearly impossible to explain. Partially because the concepts are flying to fast but mostly because there isn't language to impart the concepts. It's knowing without knowledge. It's amazing, every word could be right and everything I'd say would be absolutely wrong. In its own way.

For the record, Buffy, the Dark Crystal, The Lord of the Rings, and a dose of Thelemic philosophy all in a 48 hour period will make your brain bubble. and it all comes down to the allegory of it. It's about the only way you can sneak it out without making everyone run in terror. Personally, I don't think anyone wants the big picture, because the snapshot is just too damned simple. You have to hide it, cover it up, make it sing and dance so that you can feel what it really is.

I keep seeing people in history get close and open the next door. But it's amazing because each opened door seems to be one person's exit and another's entrance. Open one door to shut the last.

And yet, so few people take the time to not just look at the door, but they forget to walk thru it themselves. They get stuck staring at the guy with the keys. And in truth, by the time you're looking at him... He's done. Oh, sure, it's amazing to find one of those keys. It's quite an accomplishment. But in looking at his keys, everyone forgets that they have their own keys. Each of us a seeker capable of finding our own way to the philosopher's stone.

All the answers are right there. In every book, film, poem, blade of grass. In every traffic light, freeway accident, and mis-priortized action-item. Why, because the truth and the answer is so damned simple that you have to look at it's dance to see it. You have to let it dance within you. Grok is not just a term to be dithered over by a bunch of Heinlein deifiers. Again, look to the door; not the one with the keys. For the keyring is only there to be passed and not reused.

(I will pause my ramblings at this point to note that I am tired and wired at the same time. My brain is free associating on about 25 different topics and I'm talking to gothiksukkubus who has the flu and is sharing agreements that people with hangups shouldn't walk off with good toys.

I think the brain is slowing now. Don't know if what I said makes any sense to anyone. Probably not. I'll probably read this in a day or two and make it private ;)

Comments welcome... even if only to say, "Andrei... Up the meds ;) "

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