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So, after 35 years of avoiding civil responsibility;

I have received a summons for Jury service for the United States District Court. After checking with the office where I've discovered that I will be payed full salary by the office for up to 20 days of service, I have opted not to seek exemption.

I will be on call for a month from February 3 through March 3.

The process begins with a Questionnaire that establishes your residency, competency in English (which makes me question whether I really am a peer of the people on trial), profession, age, race, and if you are exempt from serving.

Apparently, by law you are required to put your age, sex, race, and SSN. Which is interesting considering all the laws that say that no one should ask you for that information.

Humourously, I think that I might be able to claim exemption if so moved. One question asks if you are a professional (Doctor, lawyer, clergy, teacher) I am ordained clergy in my church and am in fact performing a Mass during that time period. But, that is on a Sunday and all my prep and rehearsal time is in the evening.

I will be making $40/day if selected to serve. Which is interesting because it means that the value of a juror is far below poverty.

The dress code (sigh) is business wear. Men must wear shirts with a collar and casual or dress slacks. No open toed footwear, tennis shoes, or jeans. I think I'll wear my russian collar. Though I'm tempted to wear something with victorian frills as it is a button-down dress shirt with a collar.

So, today the paperwork goes in the mail. In 10 days I call to verify that it was received. Then, the evening after the groundhog is sorting through the crisis of his shadow, I start calling for 30 days to find out if I am going to be among the 30% of the people picked to listen to a pair of lawyers lie to me.

More as this adventure unfolds.

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