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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Taking a risk; quoting 'The Shawn'

The Shawn: sk4p noted recently that he's updated his list of neologisms.

And I quote:

A social engagement with a member of the appropriate sex, in which it is ambiguous if there is a romantic undertone to the evening; particularly when one is afraid to bring up said romantic possibility as a topic of conversation, for fear that the other person will clear up the ambiguity by responding in the negative.

Used in a situation like this: "So, did you go out with her?" "Yeah." "You don't sound excited." "Well, it turned out to be a Heisendate." "Ouch. That's awkward." "Yeah. Maybe next time the wave function will collapse."

From Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and "to date".

Heisendate and definition are
copyright © 1989-2003 Shawn C. Knight, all rights reserved

Amen, Brother

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thank you! ;)

And thank you, Andrei, for increasing the circulation. :)

I've had more than one Heisendate in my time; glad to have a term for it!

Aw. :(

Yeah, I think I've given up on men. And women. Bah.

I gave up on men long ago. Women are harder to give up on, but part of me is finally getting there, I think.

OK, let's stop cluttering Andrei's journal and clutter one another's instead. *wink*


I'm all scattery today; forgive me.

You are forgiven, my child.

You people are shameless :)

I mean if you're gonna hit on each other... At least don't be so coy about it ;)

Re: You people are shameless :)

I don't think she was hitting. Just me. Not that this would, you know, be anything exceedingly out of the ordinary. And stuff. See.

Ack. I've been on that date!

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