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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Memetime redux: Hugs?!?!

Okay. I'm amazed, impressed, shocked, um... bewildered.

I cribbed the hug meme that I posted from kyrene, who has amassed some 1300 hugs. I do realize that it's easy to give 10 or 20 hugs as it's merely a simple refresh.

But when I looked today I was utterly astonished to discover that I had warranted over 400 hugs. While I understand people's anonymity in this cute little web toy. I gotta admit I'm really curious. I was expecting maybe 50 :)

So yeah.. kinda giddy ;)

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I ounched in a fair number (at least 10-15) yesterday and a few more today... :-) See you are loved!

Re: I have to confess...

Well happy return hugs to you. And big hugs for adopting my "When you crib it-credit" slogan! You may like something in my near future

Well ... I gave you somewhere between 20 and 30. It just seemed like the thing to do, and I always love hugs (giving and receiving). ;-)

See, now why didn't you tell me this when I was in Portland...

I am a hug slut and enjoy anyone who gives good hug. And enjoys receiving them. We'll have to have mutual hug-inflict on my next visit. ;)

Re: See, now why didn't you tell me this when I was in Portland...

Well, I've been told that I give good hug. ;-)

The title that has been honorably bestowed on me by quite a few at SML is, "Our Lady of Bodacious (sp?) Hugs."

I try my hardest to live up to the name.

Re: See, now why didn't you tell me this when I was in Portland...

Consider my next visit in the planning stages ;)

Re: See, now why didn't you tell me this when I was in Portland...

Oh, and I didn't tell you because I tend to be kinda shy (not to be confused with inhibited), until I get to know people. I'm getting better but too many people around make it far worse ... and let's face it, it was Notocon and there were a LOT of people.

Re: See, now why didn't you tell me this when I was in Portland...

Yeah, I tend to be a bit more extraverted than some. But I'll be glad to propose a nice long conversation first before the down-and-dirty hug-a-thon.

Have you considered...

That those numbers indicated people trying to CRUSH you under the suffocating power of their demonic hugs of DOOM?

"Always look on the dark side of death"
La la..lala, lala, La la...

Hot damn. You're cute!



That's a great looking icon you have there, too

Thanks! That's moi.

I know you're in a committed relationship and I am too, but damn, I just had to tell you what was on my mind. Your SO is lucky.
But under different circumstances, I'd be all over ya.

You're so my type, damnit.

You should catch me online today via IM. Either AOL or Yahoo. Both are in my profile

I'm GothikSukkubus on both.
Right now I'm going through your journal and stealing all of your quizzes!

I'm just strange that way...

Well, we are polyamorous ;)

You seem quite a nifty person, btw - I've added you to my friends list, hope you don't mind :)

Well... What a coincidence!
So am I.

*grins and waggles eyebrows*

*Tries to picture how one *waggles* eyebrows

Very carefully.

Of course, I technically could just wiggle them.
It's less work:-)

Wiggle: To move back and forth with quick irregular motions
Waggle: To move (an attached part, for example) with short, quick motions

And yet, in looking this up with the intent of talking about how I've heard of people waggling their tongues...

The definitions just start to conjur entirely different images. :-D

Hmm...waggling does seem a bit complicated.

But I sure can wiggle alot of body parts, and not just my tongue :-)

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