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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

LJ News: No more invite codes

Well the folk at LJ central are going to take the step. Invite codes are going away.

This is an interesting step for Live journal as it opens up the service to a broader base of users. It also will open an interesting can of worms (username collecting)

So we'll see how things go. Check the link for more info and commentary.

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No, I don't want the invite codes to stop!

They say that they will let people redeem invite codes they have hoarded for paid time for themselves or friends.
I wonder how that will work . . .

Of course this means, generate codes now if you're a permanent user to have more time to dole out.

How would that work, you get 5 codes per month and they disappear. Don't the codes have an expiration on them of 30days anyway? When I look at the code sheet it gives me six alphanumeric codes with a button next to them to use them. I guess I have six codes to play with now, how would I stretch that?
If it gets some friends some additional paid time for free I am all for gaming the system.

Username collecting is nothing new.

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