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Work like a sine wave pushes back

Work has been up and down. One day it's all quiet and the next it's critical bug so everyone runs around. This prevents me from either focussing clearly on work or not doing so to allow me to catch up on LJ.

I have a whole bunch of pending issues that I'm hoping to catch up on LJ today. These are:

The Musical quiz for Mortals:
I will post this quiz as soon as I have time to think it up. The last one took me a good 5 hrs straight of work.

Dealing with my S&F filter.
I have a filter for openly discussing Sex and Fetish issues. I ran a poll of the 'friends' that I have on the list to see who wants to stay and who wants off. If you have access to that post and haven't responded. You have a few more days. Please fill out the poll if you want to stay. I am compiling information now. If this concept intrigues you and you do not have access, feel free to comment here.

I am also going to be putting together a 'trusted' filter for things that are either incredibly personal that I do want to share or may be discussing issues that I'm not prepared to share with a wider audience. Please do not take it personally if you do not see any "trusted" posts. I am still figuring out who should be on that list out of 'friends'

One of my other future quests is to just go back thru my journal backwards and pick up all the damned times that I said, "More soon" and never finished it. *sigh*

In other news... I got tagged with a speeding ticket on the way home last night. Grymble. He says 86 in a 65. I thought I was doing 79 in a 70. Looks like I get to pull my suit for court in February. :(

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