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Tuesday - Wednesday

The past 48 hours are really wishing they were a blur... But they aren't.

After reaching zero bug I got hit with information that my code actually didn't work at all. This was coupled with the arrival of guests on Wednesday. So between house cleaning and code analysis It turned out to be a long night. I of course tempered the work by having online conversations. I had really great chats with dryadsidhe & gep. I checked in briefly with revlainiep and fraserspeirs. I also played a bit more pogo

The den is now 95% cleaned. The 5% remaining is organization of office stuff. Cables have been tacked up and stuff has been put into place. Just in time for our first house social tomorrow night and our guests. Me... Tuesday, I crawled into bed at 4:20am Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, 7am alarm. Blargh. Fall into the arms of my beloved jnanacandra and then trundle off to shower and shave. I took a leisurely approach this morning. I checked the schedule for the arrival time of our guests. astarte93 & divineserpent are staying with us during the local OTO leadership conference that is being hosted in L.A. While I was looking at the flight info the phone rang. It turns out there was a snag in the travel plans and instead of getting to LAX at noon they'd be in at 5pm.

I went off to work to make another attempt on the life of my uber-bug. About 4 hours later that monster was squashed. And this was one of those gratifying vanquishings. Where you sit there in the test area with your computer waiting to see if.... "YES!!!" Actually, I was quite happily, foul mouthed. People were smiling and laughing to see someone cheering like his football team had gotten a touchdown.

I checked in code and went off to shop for forks. (They'd been sacrifised to the moving gods) Back to the office and I'm still zero-bug. Now the sleepless night is catching.... up.... with *yawn*...mmmm So, I decided to take the rest of the day at home. I got home and H was playing SSX 3. :) I kinda plopped on the couch and went vegetable for a few. Relearned Euchre online. Chatted a bit with aliyna who I hadn't really talked much with at all. Spoke briefly with thaisa who seems fairly interesting. Tried to IM shadesong who is very busy from her adoring fans.

At about 7:45 The Bostonites arrived. Short social and then off to the Pasadena Shakers for a meal. 9:45. We blew up the queen-sized air mattresses from camping. Unfortunately they'd been in the rain and were kinda wet. We put the two with their soft (and soked) sides facing each other. We toweled them down. sheet, blanket, pillows. And now... 10:22 my day has caught up. Fall over go night-night now.


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