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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Pithy response of the day:

Someone commented to me in IM:

I bought a ring over the weekend and .. it seems to be.. dont think I am nuts.. but i see messages in it..

My response was:

Well, it takes a long way to be nuts. I mean if the mesages are helpful advice or random things that's fine. If the messages are get a shot gun and find a clock tower... I'd return the ring.

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I need to get out more

My first thought on reading this was . . .
"Would a shotgun do you all that much good in a clock tower? Wouldn't a long rifle be better?"

Sheesh!! I really need to get out more.

Re: I need to get out more

Friends described him as a loner and likely to explode spontaneously. ;)

You know, "I'd return the ring" is the advice Frodo got in that sort of situation, and look what happened to him!

I've only seen two of the movies... Ask me again in a few weeks. I keep dozing off when I try to read the books.

What, Frodo being nearly killed by undead horsemen, nearly killed by a cursed blade, nearly killed by an avalanche, nearly killed by a lake monster, nearly killed by orcs, nearly killed by a troll, nearly killed by a Balrog, nearly killed by Boromir, nearly killed by Gollum, nearly killed by officers of Sauron's army, and nearly killed by Faramir isn't enough to make you see that this whole "return to sender" ring strategy might have some problems?

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