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There was a time when holidays meant down time and relaxation... Well, okay.. they never meant that.

So, here is my recap. Wednesday I got to bail from the office early. This was nice because it was our date for a code deadline and 2 new bugs had spontaneously appeared on Tuesday as I left. However, as I knocked off one of those little monsters Wednesday morning; it appeared that someone in another team had dropped a ball. Isn't that always the case in the world of code dates. :) Off to the weekend.

jnanacandra and I went to a framing chain store to pick up a frame she'd ordered weeks ago for one of her newer works. Which would have been great but they substituted a different colour because the old one was out of stock when it was ordered. They just opted not to tell her. Fun.

Thursday was the big mass and feast we'd planned at our local OTO body. I'd invited the master and her husband over last year. This year we upped the ante. Our local body offered to perform the Gnostic Mass and lead a Thanksgiving feast to anyone in the community who wanted to come. It went very well. H and I performed the Gnostic Mass. Our deacon was apsulute who did a stunning job.We had about 10 people in the congregation. Some sneaking in just before we started. Afterwards we had a sumptuous potluck feast. There were friends, family, and community. It was a very wonderful day.

Friday we got up early meet with the officers of the other local body in town. The bunch of us were heading out of town to do a cursory walk around of a site where we're planning on doing a massive cosponsored ritual retreat for the 100th anniversary of the writing of The Book of the Law. I won't go into details until we are ready to talk about the event and the site, but it was a fun... albeit long day.

Saturday was a very special day for me. I have been studying to take on a new responsibility in my group. It's been a goal for several years. Saturday I was allowed to sit in the hot seat (so to speak) if only in rehearsal capabilities. I wouldn't dream of purporting to do this in any official sense until officially approved to do so. Many members of my local group were very supportive to me as I prepared this process.

Sunday was mostly a day of rest... In the morning I got up to watch the Steelers Lose. *sigh* I'm convinced that making a quarterback a first string player on our team removes his ability to pass a ball. I'm also unhappy how football has become a slow game for 3 quarters and a fight to the finish in the 4th. I won't give up on my team (despite being surrounded by Raiders, Niners, and Chargers fans in the office.) But I have to admit, the towel is hanging a bit limp in my cube today.

Afterwards we went out to a nice meal at Souplantation. This was once described to me as the place that serves the food that food eats. It's basically a huge salad bar... and that's about it. The biggest rush of protein comes from the Chicken Noodle Soup. But it's a nice place; even if parking in Pasadena tends to be a b*$&h on the Sunday after Macy's day. Oop... I forgot, National Native American Subjugation Day. From there is was back to the chain store to make right with the frame. Sadly, one of the traits I have inherited from my birth mother is the ability to feast on the bones of minions that have not served me well. Basically, if I get bad service, I go after them with a vengeance or bring down the people to help me who can. I have no compunctions about it. (To which I still owe a debt of gratitude to w3woody who helped me with a car repair place). They were surprisingly nice... At least the first tier. By the time we got up to management, they were a little slow about dealing with exchanges. In the end run, they refunded H's money for the frame that she didn't order. We figure we'll have better luck at a smaller framer. A problem with a lot of these wal-mart style craft places... (Michaels, JoAnns, blah blah blah) is that they are great with stocking up many products that are available but when it comes to actually being creative and needing to go off the beaten path; they basically maneuver you to buy they prefab products and then stand behind an army of management and corporate to force you to stay there. Translation: Don't be lettin the man to be puttin' you'at.

We went home and watched Graduation Day (both parts) which means that H has now seen Buffy through all of season 3. I then performed a neatness on the den which will be our smaller social room. The one with the techno-toys. H has been busy with the back area where our dining room and living room are. That will be our larger social room. The room with the other toys. You know, games... NO....Not those kind of games. Cards, board games... Jeeze! What's with you people? The floggers stay in the bedroom.

Muchly cleanage later and the office space is filling up with boxes again. But hopefully all will be well soon. (Must put the coat-rack back up on the wall) More soon.


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