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Ah, one of those kind of days. IM SPAMMING

Well, it's been a while since I've had one of these. So, I was due for one.

This is not a bot spamming. This is worse. This is something that I guess should make my self image feel better. Sadly, it just makes me want to shake my head. Note... the names have been changed (as always)

real_deaf: hi
me@yahoo: helllo
real_deaf: hi
me@yahoo: How are you (sorry for initial delay, just returned from lunch)
real_deaf: you have webcam

(Real_deaf sends an invite to view his webcam. I hit yes. There is a man about 26 without a shirt I close the webcam view)

me@yahoo: No, I don't think I will be able to receive a web cam thru my office firewall
real_deaf: ok
real_deaf: you like male o female
me@yahoo: Depends on the person
real_deaf: ok
real_deaf: i like male

(Real_deaf sends an invite to view his webcam.)

me@yahoo: I keep getting webcam view requests, but I can't really get them thru my firewall.
real_deaf: ok
real_deaf: i am colombia
me@yahoo: I am in Los Angeles
real_deaf: ok
real_deaf: you age
me@yahoo: Just out of curiosity, can I ask how you came across my Yahoo account?
real_deaf: you nice
real_deaf: i lke pic you nice
real_deaf: you has house webcam
me@yahoo: Where did you discover my picture? How did you locate my account?
real_deaf: yes
real_deaf: i want see you nude
me@yahoo: Sorry. Wrong answer. Good bye.

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