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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Shamelessly stolen

I've recently been reading a new (to me) journal. shadesong. Some really fantastic posts. But I had to post this one that she stole from lots42 this is just hilarious.

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... as after reading.. I think it's a deserved comment.

It's much like the comment I made in your journal. My approach is I say what I think and try not to think about the consequences or what people may thing about what I say.

I try to do this, because far too often I have failed at trying not to think about someone will read into what I say :)

Would that it would be easy to say, "I like your personality, I also think you're attractive. Wanna jump in the sack for fun?" (This is a side comment and not (at least of yet) an offer ;)

Hey, anyone who calls themselves "Magical Truthsaying Bastard $NAME" can't be all that bad.

Damn, I need to read the next Transmetropolitan trade paperback ...

I have a Magical Truthsaying Bastard Spidey sketch commissioned from Lea Hernandez, the original artist... I'm waiting impatiently... she said in her original request for commissions that she'd only draw one person, but since she reads my journal occasionally, I'm hoping she'll put in Yelena and Channon, too.

I am going to have to check my comics now. But I thought the art was originally done by Darrik Robertson.

For 90% of the series, yes. The "Magical Truthsaying Bastard Spidey" segment was drawn by Lea Hernandez, and there were two one-shot issues that had art from dozens of different artists interpreting short prose bits of Ellis's.

I bopped over to your friend's list and noticed you didn't have Warren's Livejoural.

It is mrsleepless.

Let's get that right this time.


And diepunyhumans is his blog feed, and dancepunyhumans is his futurephone feed.

Damn...Fred Wertham...

...was right!

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