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MUSICAL QUIZ... This is it!

Wow. I got so many emails from people saying, "I'm not even going to try this one." So, I will be working on a less cruel form.

Scoring wise... people fell into 3 categories.
Mutants: 100 or higher
Muscial lovers: 25-100
Casual fans and people who only hit one submit button: less than 25.

Here are the final scores:
Name1 [130]2 [35]3 [90]EPTotal [255]

But who cares about scores... I know what you really want to see:

(1880)Go, ye heroes, go to glory, Though you die in combat gory, Ye shall live in song and story
"When the Foeman Bares His Steel" - Pirates of Penzance
Most people recognized G&S. Partially by the date, but in general hard to miss the sound. Several even got that this was Pirates... But I managed to pick a song and lyric that threw people. Which surprised me because this line actually stands out in this piece and is considerably one of the bigger laughs in the show.

(1955) I always get / What I aim for / And your heart 'n' soul / Is what I came for
"Whatever Lola Wants" - Damn Yankees
From my 9 months too long in Baton Rouge. This is admittedly not a favourite show. It's 'The Devil and Daniel Webster' meet 'Angels in the outfield' meet Fosse on an off day. This is one of the few songs that really actually has some life to it... but it still doesn't really save the show. It's one of the few memorables... beyond Shoeless Joe. Best wrong answer: South Pacific

(1957) everyone knows / that I am hoping you're the same / so here is my love song, not fancy or fine
"Lida Rose" - The Music Man
I really wanted to pull something from this show, but everything was either too easy or far too vague. The ellipses in the question for this pleasant barbershop-style piece is the line "Lida Rose" which rhymes with the next line. Very unsurprised that mrlogic got this one :)

(1963) Ice cream, he brought me ice cream / Vanilla ice cream
"Vanilla Ice Cream" - She Loves Me
I eventually docked myself points on this one (which I contend is the only way that yourtoy beat me). I was described this song and the vague plot by tailerouge and whkeith. So, when I put this together I opted to do some research for this one. The links actually tell you about the story and the full lyrics. But I must admit.. I'd never heard this one before. Special 25 points to: yourtoy, pshrew, and paulrhume. I bow in amazement. Best wrong answer:"West Side Story"

(1972) I could hurt someone like me, out of spite or jealousy
"There are Worse Things I Could Do" - Grease
I'm a big Stockard Channing fan... I think that's all I need to say here.

(1974) I could begin with baby leopards, Move on to tiger cubs and then... After I learn to handle lions, Maybe I could work up to men...
"The Lion Tamer" - The Magic Show
I really thought this would be a stumper. Granted, I didn't realize that it had run for 4 1/2 years. This marriage of the man that brought us Godspell and Pippin with the the 70's predecessor to David Copperfield, the one and (thankfully) only Doug Henning (Who for those of you under 30 I can try to describe Henning as one part Galagher, one part Richars Simmons, 20 parts 1970s and one part wandering minstrel.) i only know this show because my late father was a part time professional magician (I wonder if he'd be proud ;) and I was asked to do the magic consultation and direction in Jr. High. Again it was paulrhume and yourtoy. pshrew messaged that she dug it up later on google.

(1979) Now a pussy's good for maybe six or seven at the most
"(Have) A Little Priest" - Sweeny Todd
I'd hoped the excerpt would throw people off the scent, but the line is too good and several people got it.

(1982)I just cut my hand and in a snap Something out of Edgar Allen Poe has happened
"Ya Never Know" - Little Shop Of Horrors
This was me being sneaky and nasty. This is truly among my favourite shows. I even have a rare collectors issue of the film on DVD from the lot that David Geffin himself. This was sneaky because this song didn't but sort of appeared in the film. In the film was the song "Some Fun Now" it's original form featured the happily macabre line I picked.

(1983)Pick up that knife and make believe it's a machete. It'll take all your strength and steady nerves for hacking your way through the cherry preserves.
"Masculinity" - La Cage Aux Folles
If anyone really wants impossible bonus points, go beyond telling me how this show and Sweeny Todd are related and tell me what my personal interest in this one is. ;) This was a great reworking of a classic film. Between the original film and this musical, I was very leery about The Birdcage even though it starred two favourite comedians, Williams and Lane. Best wrong answer:1776

(1984)It's hot up here // It's hot and it's monotonous //I want my glasses
"It's Hot Up Here" - Sunday In The Park With George
I felt this one was a Gimme to anyone who'd ever seen the show. I put the title of the song in the lyric chosen. When I first saw the tape of the Original Broadway cast, it was long after I'd been a fan of ST:TNG. Thus my bonus question.... that I screwed up.

(1985) I am not myself these day for all I know I might be you there's more than room enough for two inside my mind.
"Both Sides of the Coin" - The Mystery Of Edwin Drood
This tripped up more people than I expected as only yourtoy was able to get this. pshrew even had to google this. I learned this musical from a friend in the SCA named Valentine (who took the name from Heinlein's Stranger) We used to sing it after meetings for bardic performance. The chorus is a b*#tch. It's even worse at the end in double time.

(1990) I can play any role I choose... // Gypsies, Italians, and Black Jews.
"Chita-Rita" - Forbidden Broadway (1990)
(1990) Rich folks pay twenty bucks a shirt that has a starving pauper on it
"I Dreamed a Show" - Forbidden Broadway (1990)
Me being rude again. First, two pieces from the same show. the show was more of a revue. Forbidden Broadway is an off broadway show that's been running in one incarnation or another for about 15 years. The first is a really scathing rip on competion between film and stage actors featuring wonderful impressions of Rita Moreno and Chita Rivera. The second, social commentary. Kudos to chite and mrlogic for catching one each of these.

(1992) ...Wearing a duck? Whoa!
"The Duck Joke" - My Favorite Year
Thereis a fantastic movie about a boy and Peter O'Toole. Lynne Ahrens, the woman who brought us most of SchoolHouse Rock's Grammar and the next musical, brought this one to the stage. In the movie, the boy tries to teach the love interest how to tell a joke. This becomes a very poignant song in the musical which comes to a screeching halt at one point as quoted for this question. This was the winner. No one knew it. And I must tip my hat to mikoy who introduced me to this show.

(1995) The boy has the will of the devil himself / clinging to life by one small thread
"Pray" - Once on This Island
There is an island...where nobody wins a Tony. This show along with the Will Rogers Follies were both nominated for an inordinate amount of Tony's this year. in my opinion, the better show didn't win. Best described as "The Little Mermaid" without the Disney-saccharine treatment. It pits the goddess of Love against the god of Death in a game that spans social classes. Unless you know the original story of the Little Mermaid, it does not end how you thing it does. The framing story quietly vanishes only enough to return to bring people to tears in the last minute of the play. It still chokes me up. Oh, yes... it's not really a musical, it's opera because there are almost no spoken lines. And there are no sets. It is all character and costume. My respect for sea_gaagii for getting this one and for aryel_moffet who I inflicted it on personally.

(1996) Mark -- Mark -- are you there, are you screening your calls -- It's mom
"Voice Mail 1" - Rent
This was from jnanacandra who only recently introduced me to it. I'd really been meaning to see this one, but the chance never really availed itself. From the responses... this one was too easy ;).

Not a stage musical
Lots of people missed the comment... not a stage musical. People assumed i still meant musical. Which moooost of these were.

(1952) Soon the church bells will be ringin' / And we'll march with Ma and Pa. / How the church bells will be ringin' / With a hey nonny nonny and a hot-cha-cha.
"Fit as a Fiddle" - Singin' in the Rain
Hard to find a difficult line from this show. It's just too well known. But it did snag a few people. Best wrong answer: Of thee I sing. (No, really. This was a good guess, because it's a period piece. I had to make sure that this wasn't a right answer.)

(1974) They needed a man who was brave and true // With justice for all as his aim
"Blazing Saddles" - Blazing Saddles
Not only did I think this was a gimme, I thought people would go crazy over the bonus question after this. Special thanks to cerisefleur for her appreciation :)

(1976) Good form must never suffer from neglect /The rules and regulations we respect / Must be treated circumspect
Protocoligorically Correct - The Slipper and the Rose
paulrhume described this best as:that Cinderella thing with Chamberlain (not R&H). This was another show that jnanacandra introduced me to...The lyric was not vague enough to trip her up the way that Singin' in the Rain did. :)

(1979)Have you been half-asleep and have you heard voices? I've heard them calling my name
Rainbow Connection - Muppet Movie
I had to do this. It would have been this or something from another musical like, "I think this line's mostly filler" (heeheeheehee).

(1999)Up where the skys are ocean blue/ I could be safe and live without a care...
"Up There" - South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut
Just one big grin. And a smiling daily double for chite who phrased her answer in the form of a question:dude, is that the Satan song from South Park?

Okay here goes
From #6: Name the lead performer.
Doug Henning
See above

From #10: Name the actor who played the servant/assistant
Brent Spiner
Yes, many people got bonus points because I misremembered that Franz wasn't his friend

From #14: Name the actor who plays the star.
Tim Curry
I'm just a sweet old aging swashbuckling silent film star.

From #15: Name the big 4. Bonus if you get the role call right.
  • Asaka, Mother of the Earth
  • Agwe, God of Water
  • Erzulie, beautiful Goddess of Love
  • And Papa Ge, sly Demon of Death.
    This one tricked a few people because they didn't know what I meant by role call. This list are the 4 lines (said by each character in this order as they introduce themselves as "The Gods"

    Everytime someone answered this last one... they added to the list. I think this is now the absolute full list of acceptable answers. (I am not counting instrumental reprises of songs)
    From #B2: Name all the songs. 5 points each
  • (Theme from) Blazing Saddles
  • I Get no Kick from Champagne
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  • Camptown Ladies
  • Ballad of Rock Ridge
  • Hail to the Chief (Hedy LaMarr and the governor)
  • Bart's Theme - Count Basie
  • Ring out the Church Bells!
  • Springtime for Hitler (Played on piano before I'm tired)
  • I'm Tired
  • Du du liesgst mir in Herzen (supplied by paulrhume, I believe this is what Lily is singing with the Germans during the 'big fight'
  • Radolph Scott (Okay, this one is cheap... I admit it)
  • French Mistake (Throw out your hands, stick out your tush, hands on your hips, give 'em a push...)
    The initial 4 I had were italicised. After paulrhume sent me champagne and camptown; I started to wrack my brain. This is a list I have come up with without resorting to putting in the film. :)

    I promised this would be up before I went to bed. It is now 3:45am on the west coast. Until next quiz.... thanks to everyone!!!
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