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Memetime.. the last time...

Taken from a post by iconartist (who has no idea why I friended her) who took it from "everyone."

When was the last time you...
Stolen from everyone:

last cigarette: Never.
last kiss: Before leaving for ritiual practice
last cry: 2002
last library book checked out: Some analysis on Sandman by Gaiman
last movie seen in a theatre: Matrix Revolutions
last book read: Lon DuQuette's Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot
last cuss word uttered: F*%$
last beverage drank: Diet Coke: Still in process
last food consumed: Plain double quarter pounder.. no cheese
last phone call: The OSS
last tv show watched: 1/2 of Angel on Tivo
last time showered: Yesterday
last shoes worn: Black Sketchers
last cd played: The Rocky Horror Show (Not the movie)
last item bought: Deities and Demigods (Off eBay, has Cthulhu and Elric, got it for a STEAL)
last soda drank: See last beverage
last thing written: Hand written? Gosh... um... Donation Check for ritual... no Signed a Visa receipt for 1/2 price sushi lunch
last key used: Front Gate Key
last words spoken: *grin* 93. After leaving a wonderful 2 hour conversation with my local body master.
last sleep: 12:45AM - 7:40AM
last im: 12:12AM with my local body's ex master
last sexual fantasy: Last ritual... my ex was giving my fiancee a back rub. *sigh* :)
last ice cream eaten: Ice cream? That'd be over 10 years. Ice Cream substitute? Tofutti Ice crea sandwich yesterday.
last time wanting to die: Let's not think about that. A long while.
last lipstick: Froggy in "The Foreigner" - CCAC
last time dancing: Club Perversion 2 Thursday's Ago
last show attended: Cirque du Soleil last Wednesday.

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