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Killer musical quiz; penultimate posting...

At church we call this the five minute warning. Granted... this is more than 5 minutes.

Late this evening I will post the final scores and answers to the Musical quiz. I will also be hiding all posts for the musical quiz about a day or two later.

I would like to point out that there were three separate quizzes in the main post and then corrected questions in later posts. Some people have answers for one section but not earlier sections. Please go back and reload today. If the answer spaces show up... that means you only submitted one of the polls not all of them. I have at least one person who submitted answers on part 3 that has no answers for part one. And I know for a fact that she has a high level of Musical knowledge. I won't name names, but I will cover one eye and wave.

To those of you either intimidated or convinced that you know absolutely nothing. Try saying the lines out loud, put gibberish in the answers... because many of you will be grumping when the answers are up.

Finally, I will be posting later this week another musical quiz that is not meant to destroy your belief that you are a musical fan ;) It's meant for people who casually enjoy shows.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy that one.

To everyone who has enjoyed it, and special thanks to one dear and loved friend who said, "I have no idea... I'm such a bad fag"

Thank you. This has been a fun quiz.

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