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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

While cleaning storage....

I came across some .jpgs while trying to make some room on a drive. By my estimation this picture is 6 1/2 years old. See how young they all looked:

mikoy, lordandrei, chite, lrstrobel, and amergina
(From L to R)

I'll see what else I can find.

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I wish I could post photos to lj, but I can never get them to post. Grrrrr.

The trick to posting pictures is having a good site that you can serve them from. Currently, my pictures are serving from my domain (apoloprod.com) Granted, if I want to move my pictures, all the pictures will vanish from my journal.

I don't suggest using Yahoo as a picture serving point (briefcase.yahoo.com/pictures.yahoo.com) because the links are programmatically generated each time a user logs into yahoo and thus are guaranteed to break when linked elsewhere.

If you have a site... an image tag in the journal entry should do the trick:
<IMG SRC="http://your.site.com/imgdir/mypict.jpg">
If the above link shows up as clickable, don't bother. It's a fake link used simply as an example

Best of luck ;)

Cool photo btw. A lot of us furs here in Milwaukee are also very into the Ren Fair. I own many swords, and have a ren fair costume, and so does Wendy. I will find some pictures....

XXIV by my estimation. Just noticed that lrstrobel is wearing my blue & grey tunic. I'd forgotten it became a loaner when I wore the Russian.

Yes, Pennsic XXIV. My first Pennsic, Cour d'Or's first encampment, other folks' first Pennsic, etc, etc.

That seems a lot longer than six years ago, BTW.

*lol* "Those were the days."


I still have that dress. Maybe I'll wear it this weekend.

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