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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Scoring Round 2

Okay, after going thru the musical quiz (which is still open) again I have updated with new people (marked in green) and also made some scoring adjustments. These were up for everyone except me. I docked myself points for the #4 that I'd thrown in because I knew the song but had to research the musical. I made other corrections from things people had added in after I corrected the badly phrased question.

Now, with the addition of paulrhume pointing out that I missed songs in the soundtrack for bonus question 5 in round 3, I will give everyone a chance to take that one again. It is all the songs that appear in the answer to question 2 of the first bonus round. The space will be at the bottom.

With all the adjustments now and so far... I'm not the top score. So below the cut... the new scoring and one more chance for people who've already gone thru the quiz (as well as new quizzers) to rack up some last points. Good luck!

Name1 [130]2 [35]3 [90]EPTotal [255]

This is your chance to get even more points on me because I will not take new points on this one...

Name as many individual pieces from the answer... There may not necessarily be 9 pieces. I will give 5 points for each right one. I will deduct if you get the title wrong with the exception of one piece which may be described (no hints). Reprises are not necessary. But if there's singing list it ;)


Poll #205497 Name all the songs from the answer to Bonus Round 1 Question 2

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

Song 5

Song 6

Song 7

Song 8

Song 9