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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

The Musical Quiz (Scores so far) And a correction...

Okay. This one came off about as hard as I figured it would. Several people have attempted it and everyone did better than I expected, except on bonus round 1, question 2 which I thought was a dead give away.

Then there is of course yourtoy who has blown my mind. Knowing the answers to 4, 6, and 11 is absolutely stunning. She also managed to correct me on Bonus round 2, question 5. I just shook my head for my mistake and gave up 5 points (1 of 4) and gave her the 10 bonus points.

Then she and celebrin went on to work on my memory of Sunday in the Park with George. I misphrased the question. Below I have the question I intended to ask which may be more apparent.

Running scores...

EP : Error points. You get those for finding mistakes I made.

Name1 [130]2 [35]3 [80]EPTotal [245]

Poll #205333 For 10 points...

From #10, Who played the servent/assistant (Act I/II) (OBP)

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I'm such a dork (I hate that word, but it applies here). I didn't hit the submit button for rounds one or three (it probably wouldn't have changed my score for round three though).

Please, feel free to give it a shot anyway

Make your best guesses, even if it's just attempting at the musicals based on the date.

Re: Please, feel free to give it a shot anyway

I can't guess now, because I "googled" everything I left unanswered last night. ;)

yourtoy, I already love you, so now it's a full-fledged obsession. You're both walking, talking musical encyclopedias. ;)

Re: Please, feel free to give it a shot anyway

The three of us must get together for a night of musicals. :)

Re: Please, feel free to give it a shot anyway

I missed 14, which lost me points in the bonus round. And I know I know it, but I can't think of it and it's killing me!!!! hee

This morning I remembered the name for Mama.

See, I knew I'd blown round 3, because I didn't know #14 at all (which is KILLING me, btw). And I wasn't sure about the role call for #15, because I'm only recently aware of that show, thanks to coryphella. And I assume I misssed the one about #10, since you were going for a different character...

Is there such a thing as death by music trivia? heh

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