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Christmas arrives Dec. 25th! (Mac version due in May)
Tuesday, December 25th, 2001 5:00 am EST

Christmas has arrived on time as it always has, and this December 25th is full of good wishes and holiday cheer for little girls and boys. Santa has brought his sleigh full of gifts for all the nice children and filled the air with that magical spirit.

A Mac version of Christmas has been announced and will be released in "Early 2002", most likely in May. The Mac version will be exactly like the PC version in every way except that the Xmas Editor will not be ported, thus leaving Mac users unable to decorate their own tree (though in-game and third-party downloadable trees should work fine).

Mac users are still waiting for the Easter b1.13 patch which enables egg hunting and chocolate bunny sugar rush. The patch is expected out before Hallowe'en.

--C. Tamas

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