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My Retaliation

Okay.. Here it goes. The gauntlet was thrown by yourtoy. Though I could be egotistical and claim it was the posting of the 80s lyrics quiz.

Yourtoy presented a list of lyrics from musicals. All you had to do was name the musical and the song. Let me tell you. I haven't had a mental workout like that in ages. I take my musical theatre very seriously ;) And I am pleased that I knew all phew 44 entries. I will admit it is partially due to my knowledge and always being open to the musicals that people in my life have introduced me to. Which just for a quick mention is "HeatherPamReganLynneShawnCarrieVaticanDeviKelleyCynthiaMyfather..." and anyone else I forget.

So, I needed another mental workout.

There are three quizzes in one. First. 15 + 1 lyrics. The one is 1 that I had no clue about but decided to add after I did some research and found a long sought after answer for my loved one. As she's reading this she is possibly doing the patented BH master schoolgirl jump. (See #4)

Part 2 is some bonus questions. They are sneakier.

Part 3 is seeing how well you really know your stuff.

Each question has a score attached. There are also 10 bonus points each for any errors you find. I think there may be one.

I have taken the gauntlet... and here is my challenge! Good luck!
(let's hope I did the forms right)

Part 1: Know thy Musicals!

Poll #205104 Know thy Musicals!

1. (1880)Go, ye heroes, go to glory, Though you die in combat gory, Ye shall live in song and story. [5]

2. (1955) I always get / What I aim for / And your heart 'n' soul / Is what I came for [5]

3. (1957) everyone knows / that I am hoping you're the same / so here is my love song, not fancy or fine [10]

*4. (1963) Ice cream, he brought me ice cream / Vanilla ice cream [25**]

5. (1972) I could hurt someone like me, out of spite or jealousy[5]

6. (1974) I could begin with baby leopards, Move on to tiger cubs and then... After I learn to handle lions, Maybe I could work up to men... [15]

7. (1979) Now a pussy's good for maybe six or seven at the most [5]

8. (1982)I just cut my hand and in a snap Something out of Edgar Allen Poe has happened [5]

9. (1983)Pick up that knife and make believe it's a machete. It'll take all your strength and steady nerves for hacking your way through the cherry preserves.[10]

10. (1984) It's hot up here // It's hot and it's monotonous //I want my glasses [5]

11. (1985) I am not myself these day for all I know I might be you there's more than room enough for two inside my mind. [5]

12. (1990) I can play any role I choose... // Gypsies, Italians, and Black Jews. [5]

13. (1990) Rich folks pay twenty bucks a shirt that has a starving pauper on it [5]

14. (1992) ...Wearing a duck? Whoa! [10]

15. (1995) The boy has the will of the devil himself / clinging to life by one small thread [5]

16. (1996) Mark -- Mark -- are you there, are you screening your calls -- It's mom [10]

Part 2: Know thy Musicals! Bonus Round 1 - Not a stage musical

Poll #205105 Know thy Musicals! Bonus Round 1

B1. (1952) Soon the church bells will be ringin' / And we'll march with Ma and Pa. / How the church bells will be ringin' / With a hey nonny nonny and a hot-cha-cha. [5]

B2. (1974) They needed a man who was brave and true // With justice for all as his aim [5]

B3. (1976) Good form must never suffer from neglect /The rules and regulations we respect / Must be treated circumspect [10]

B4. (1979)Have you been half-asleep and have you heard voices? I've heard them calling my name [5]

B5. (1999)Up where the skys are ocean blue/ I could be safe and live without a care... [10]

Part3: Know thy Musicals! Mega Bonus Round 2 - The Nitty Gritty

Poll #205106 Know thy Musicals! Mega Bonus Round 2

From #6: Name the lead performer. [10]

From #10: Name the actor who played the best friend [15]

From #14: Name the actor who plays the star.[15]

From #15: Name the big 4. Bonus if you get the role call right.[10/20]

From #B2: Name all the songs. {4} [5 each]

EDIT: Put the quizzes behind cuts.
EDIT: Added enough space to answer question 4 from the 2nds bonus rounds extra credit.
EDIT: Softened the language ;)

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