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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Sunrise over Santa Monica or..no sleep for you andrei

Well, this holiday I managed to screw up my sleep schedule. I thought I'd fixed it on the evening of the 25th. I got home at 9:15 pm from the party and crashed hard. I got up at 7am on Wednesday. Then last night I couldn't sleep at al. So I bussed in and took some pictures along the way.

So here are some sunrise pictures over Santa Monica. Comments are appreciated on the quality of the pictures is greatly appreciated.

Beyond the LJ cut are thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized picture.

Sunrise 1 Thumbnail Sunrise 2 Thumbnail
Sunrise 3 Thumbnail Sunrise 4 Thumbnail

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Comments are appreciated on the quality of the pictures is greatly appreciated.

Dude, I appreciate that you really were tired.

The pictures are very nice. I like the second best because there's some bright orange and yellow mixing in with the other colors, and there's a lot of sky. The first is also nice, and it has a balance between the sky and the foreground. The third has too many trees, creating too much dark space, and the artificial light in the fourth kind of kills the impact of the sunrise.

That artsy commentary given, I think all the pictures are cool, and you should get at least one of them framed (my vote for the second).

I have to agree with you. I really like the way the second one (Top right) came out. It had a wonderful feeling of light brush strokes. I wish I'd had the resolution higher on the camera so you could see the soft scratch marks that it made.

If you want a colour print tell me ;)

Oh.... no, not that, ....twist my arm! ARGH!


You will drink Crystal Pepsi! You will drink Crystal Pepsi

Whoa, that's goin' a bit too far, Buster Brown...

Why don't we just say I'll root for the Stillers and call it even?

Why don't we just say I'll root for the Stillers and call it even?
Oh, dear gods?!??!!? Who are you and what have you done to eine kleine oiler fan?

That's "Texans" to you, bub.

what are the Houston texan Colours?

Agreed- I like the second too

... do you think picture two would look better without the electrical poles (removed via Photoshop) or does the small, dark intrusion on the sunrise add to the picture composition.

I've done some mild photo touch up in Photoshop where I've removed and cleaned up elements. However, this kind of a project may be a bit to high level for me.

Just looking for another opinion before I take a stab at it. To see if it's worth the time.

Re: Out of curiosity...

I personally like the intrusion of the poles. You've seen my own photographs - I try to not go for the scenic value alone, but instead to show it in it's rightful context for a fuller picture. (i.e, perceptive realism.. like the fence in the foreground of the mountains, or the playground in the foreground of the lake).

So no, I wouldn't remove them ;)

Re: Out of curiosity...

I like the poles.

The second is my favorite, but I also like the third. I agree that the lights in the fourth get in the way.

I like the third picture. It's still got the orange light in it, and you've got the trees as well.

Very nice pictures!

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