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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Killer 80's Quiz

Damn, this was actually a pain in the butt.

The test is not kind to spelling errors and tends to give fragments of lyrics that make it hard to figure out what song it's from. It also tends to ask for the parts of lyrics that you were never sure of to begin with...

It honestly took me about 5 minutes of racking my brain to come up with #30

See if you can top a guy who was a professional 80's pop DJ (Yes me)

I got 81.3% (Because I am so definitely not a fan of U2)

This one is worth it. I bet you get #4 wrong :)

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Yeah, sucknose.. I spelled it wrong.

And you did notice...

The music that this entry was posted with... ;)

Wow you are goooooooooooooooooooood *wow*

Ya he did spell that oddly didnt he :> *smirk*

Glad I brought some humor to your day :)

okay, i can't tell you what my score was because I'm too embarrassed ;)
but I did get #4 right. I have that song on 45 so i've always known how it's spelled :)

Hey, I was a DJ in the 80's. Not pop though and maybe that's what killed me. Not enough goth...too much pop!

I only got 31.5, but there's some I shoulda got!!

I did get #4 right, but blew #1. Billie!


How did you get a percentage? I got a numbered score, which is nothing like a percentage.

Er, anyways, the score I ended up with was a 98 (after subtracting the bonus points, which seemed rather arbitrary and didn't show knowledge).

There were over half a dozen questions I went "doh! of course!" to after I saw the answers, though.

Oh wow, that quiz brought back some memories. :)

Even with all my vast 80s knowledge, I managed to miss 5 questions, damn, I can't believe I missed the Metallica one, lol, some of those were too vague, especially the 5 I missed:

# 17
# 26
# 32
# 95
# 100

Anyways, my score was 158

Yeah, I'm an 80s geek, I love 'em, hehehe =P

I got a 124.5 with the bonus points. Haven't figured out the percentage, though. I got # 4 correct, but only because of your hint :)

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