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Friends exodous... 21 journals dropped

Well, as it happens, I'm cleaning house again.

I think 300 was a way bit excessive and I just couldn't keep up. Since daring to drop a journal from friends lists always has horrendous results, if you are curious why I dropped you or think I may have made an error, just make a response and I'll contact you or recheck your journal.

Deleted Journals:
caput_aerus, kinkerotica, that_cliff

Dropped journals:
jeni, rev_blacky, ommkarja, oedi, mikeromo, gothfru, deprivetennis, gayarthi, spieche*, somebodies, progfan, n3nbb, mr_dark, mikebreen, ilk, theunicursalhex, dyssan*, johntchoe, llary

* Journals I sponsored.

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