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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Self Conscious... Me?

Well, to be honest, it wasn't the reaction I was hoping for.

On average, I see just under two comments per post I make. So.. when I see a post has 14 comments, I go back and look. Half of them pointed out how I look like Ron Jeremy.

For those who don't know. Ron Jeremy is/was a porn star. It was the irony he played off. He didn't look like a porn star, and thus he just became more and more famous.

I have heard all kinds of reports on his personality from 'cool guy' to 'real as*&ole'

A few people know that I smile through gritted teeth when this issue comes up.

I guess it really wasn't my desire in life to be compared to a balding, overweigh porn star with wavy hair. Because as I am not a porn star, that just means I'm being compared because I'm balding and overweight with wavy hair. I don't even have the reputation to have women throw themselves at me because I'm that overweight, balding guy.

So, today I went back to the fitness routine. This time I have not only the desire but the
motivation. I ran a full regiment on my upper body today and spent 10 minutes on the bike to burn fat.

Truthfully. I am kind of embarrassed and ashamed... It's hard to keep smiling when the comparisons are made to people you really don't want to model yourself after.

*shrug* Just cranky, I guess.

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Hey, you showed us pictures of you in a costume, and believe me, the costume had a great deal to do with my comment.

Oh, the judgement call is fair...

I know it's a costume and all. I guess it was intent. I was just going for 70s. Having been compared as him in and out of costume has made it more of an issue to me.

A dark club in goth wear was a joke. Two weeks in a row in two different clubs... not so. Just trying to do 70's... Now it's more real and I feel a need to do something about it.

Not saying anytihng badly about anyone who commented. Just more about self outlook.

I don't think you're cranky, I think that people don't think about the impact of those types of comments. I don't comment often because my computer time is extremely limited and my connection and computer functionality seem to get worse each day. Most of your stuff is so highly personal that I don't feel qualified to comment. I found you because another friend had you listed and I was fascinated by the documentation of some of your ceremonial life experiences. I stay because you write well and live an interesting life. I'm not the kind of gal who knows what a porn star looks like, I guess. To me your user icon invokes impressions of a modern day Merlin or a somewhat reclusive but brilliant ceremonial magician either before or behind his times.

If you're going to do the fitness thing, do it for you and you alone rather than people's impressions of you. I've been doing Atkins and mild exercise for a month because I made a commitment to myself to feel better and look better for my sake. Wouldn't you know, this is the only time I've ever had any success with it.

Blessed be, if you don't mind.

I honestly thought that the connection was being made because of the costume. 70s porn star and all... Dude, I've seen you in person, you do NOT look like Ron Jeremy...

Whatever your reason for taking up exercise, I commend you on the decision. As you might have noticed about half my lj space these days is dedicated to babbling about weightlifting. I've been doing it for two months and the main thing I'm noticing is how much better I *feel*.

Aside from the vanity and physical health angle of things, it's amazing how much regular exercise helps to stabilize one's mental and emotional well being. Best of luck!

Found this through /friendsfriends and since I actually did meet you once (ages and ages ago), I'm adding my two cents.

You don't look like Ron Jeremy.

Good job on starting up a fitness program again though- I have so much more energy and am in a much better mood now that I've started working out regularly.

Thanks for the good words...

I must admit... I am not sure when/where we met. I looked at the list of common friends we have and it was quite the strange cross selection of people I know.

Just curious when/where we met.



Oh, it was ages ago at a mass held at that bookstore- probably Sept 2002, I'd guess? I was only in town visiting for a few days since I was dating an acquaintance of yours at the time.

Again, don't worry about the Ron Jeremy thing. You don't look like him. :p

Wouldn't it be much easier to just iron your hair?

Actually congratulations on working out, whatever the reason. 4 out of 5 Drs say being healthy is good for you.

Sweetie, i'm sorry. Seriously, it was the costume. I've known you longer than anyone (I know of) on your friends list and if you had been walking around looking like Ron Jeremy for all of this time, I would have mentioned something earlier.

As far as you deciding to start getting more healthy as a result, whatever it takes, hun and as long as it makes you happy. Seriously, taking care of yourself, regardless of the reason is A Good Thing.

Again, sorry hun. Didn't mean to upset you, especially didn't mean to make you feel totally self-conscious.

Where is the love for Ron Jeremy?

Hey bro, I've lost 40 pounds in the last 4 months, so it's definitely possible to become exactly who and what you want to be.

I don't think you look at all like ron jeremy, by the way. :-)

Hey man, I was in yoga class tonight, and I thought of this post. There's a great Power Yoga class I've been going to the last few months, and I've dropped over 40 pounds. The teacher has a class in Sherman Oaks on monday, wednesday and friday at 7 pm

4565 Sherman Oaks Ave, Sherman Oaks. You should come by and check it out. right now it's a super small class so you get really personal instruction.

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