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Self Conscious... Me?

Well, to be honest, it wasn't the reaction I was hoping for.

On average, I see just under two comments per post I make. So.. when I see a post has 14 comments, I go back and look. Half of them pointed out how I look like Ron Jeremy.

For those who don't know. Ron Jeremy is/was a porn star. It was the irony he played off. He didn't look like a porn star, and thus he just became more and more famous.

I have heard all kinds of reports on his personality from 'cool guy' to 'real as*&ole'

A few people know that I smile through gritted teeth when this issue comes up.

I guess it really wasn't my desire in life to be compared to a balding, overweigh porn star with wavy hair. Because as I am not a porn star, that just means I'm being compared because I'm balding and overweight with wavy hair. I don't even have the reputation to have women throw themselves at me because I'm that overweight, balding guy.

So, today I went back to the fitness routine. This time I have not only the desire but the
motivation. I ran a full regiment on my upper body today and spent 10 minutes on the bike to burn fat.

Truthfully. I am kind of embarrassed and ashamed... It's hard to keep smiling when the comparisons are made to people you really don't want to model yourself after.

*shrug* Just cranky, I guess.

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