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And the meeting of minds will be heralded

Hmmn, the possibility of a Sandman movie. Still remote... but who would Neil Gaiman trust with such a project:

From an interview posted on slashdot:

The good news on Sandman is that it's currently been taken out of the hands of the producers who've led it down the Road to Nowhere for the last 8 years. Currently Paul Levitz at DC Comics and I are trying to figure out what to do with it.

In a perfect world, a director who has the same kind of passion for the material that Peter Jackson had for LOTR, or Sam Raimi had for Spider-Man will come along and sweep everyone up in his wake.

I suspect that Joss Whedon's probably got his plate filled with his own projects.

Okay... A Gaiman/Whedon collaboration on a Sandman Film.

I'm going to go have a cigarette now.

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