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A busy weekend: For all you EGC types

A co-worker at my last job caught me as I was running out the door to make an equinox rehearsal. He asked what I was doing and I said, "...practicing a ritual for the church..." He asked if I could explain it quickly... I said, "No."

Then he asked, "Well could you take pictures? Would that make it easier to explain?"
"Definitely not, " I smiled. And headed out.

Currently our local body is doing a full inventory of items that we use. This involves a lot of work.

Work can make people punchy and do silly things. We were taking pictures of our mass equipment after our mass today and this include the vestments for the rest of the mass team. For those unfamiliar with the EGC mass team. It is a Priest, Priestess, Deacon, and two 'children'. Children are baptised members of the church who serve as 'element holders' The negative/water child holds the water for use in purification by the priest and priestess, the positive/fire child holds the censor which burns incense for the consecration.

Now, the Deacon and children wear mantles. (Yellow for the Deacon, Black for the water child, white for the Fire child) They wear these mantles over white robes. I knew we were taking pictures after mass, so I brought a white robe.

As I was the one who offered to pose for the mantles, I asked if we could try an experiment for fun.

Frater seraphino positioned his digital camera steadily on the Water Alter. And with the help of an egotistical and ham-actor treasurer, and with the help of Frater Seraphino's excellent work in photoshop...

Keiichi: Here is why a picture would not make explaining the ritual any easier:

Yes, all three are me.
Photo ©2003 Frater Seraphino & Blue Horizon.
Do not copy without permission

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