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Journal: a meme

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I created this journal on October 15, 2001.

In this journal:
I've posted 644 entries, not including this one.
I've posted 1.085 comments and received 1,659.
I've saved 63 memories.

<a href="">My first post:</a> (October 18, 2001) "I saw this service surfing from another user's site. I don't know if I'll tell which user at this time. Other readers may already be able to guess. I just wound up poking around to see how someone was doing..." Ah the irony for this particular meme.

Two years ago: (Oct. 30, 2001) I didn't post that week. The previous week I touched on hell tasks in the workload with things you liked doing, and a good example of the BS that has caused me to sever contact with my natural family. The following week I noticed it had been 2 weeks since my last post and I was eagerly waiting/dreading the Buffy Musical.

18 months ago: (Apr. 30, 2002) I didn't post this day. I posted a bit the day before about a long weekend of socializing with people. Also checked my weight. The worst it's ever been.

One year ago: (Oct. 30, 2002) No posting during a dark time where I was pretty much off LiveJournal (7 posts between Sept 12 and Jan 17). I was dating someone who was thoroughly offended by the concept and it caused much argument if I even brought the topic up. The relationship is past and I have returned to the journal.

Six months ago: (Apr. 30, 2003) Actually posted this day. It is a meme I cribbed from <lj user="shimmeringjemmy"> showing which circle of hell I will wind up in. I will be in circle 2 because I am Lustful.

Three months ago: (Jul. 30, 2003) Didn't post much of that week. The next day while trying to write a catch-up post the system froze and had to be rebooted, reminding me the age old adage, "backup early, backup often."

One month ago: (<A HREF="">Sept. 30, 2003</A>) This was the day that customer service took a nose dive. First with my cell phone company (which mind you just sent out a second replacement today, and then abject hell with Pizza delivery.

Yesterday: (Oct. 30, 2003) One of my heavy posting days. (4) First up, the death of announcer Rod Roddy, a meme that identifies me most similar to cult movie character Fritz the cat, the annoyance of having no focus and needing drugs, and a link to escher in lego.
EDIT: Corrected 1 & 3 months ago, I am no longer being taken over by aliens in July.

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