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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Why I take meds

As previously mentioned... I am on Straterra. I'd stopped taking it for a few because it really seemed to be doing less and less over time.

Monday, after several a few weeks of scattered focus and lowered productivity I went back on.

This morning I sat down with breakfast and my pills. Normally, I take the pills with food or I get that horrible, hollow feeling.

After breakfast I looked at the pills. Had I taken them with the food? Had I forgotten to take them? Have I forgotten that I took them.

Grr, the the mind spins, if I don't take them, I may not have taken them and my focus will be off. If I did take them and I take them again I don't want to OD on meds.



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Yeah, I hate when that happens. I am terrible with remembering to take my pills properly; and actually had to get one of those weekly pills holders like old people have so I could remember what I've taken so far that day.

Generally if I've forgotten a pill, my body will remind me in a few hours by totally freaking out.

Take care!

My method for dealing with mealtime medication is to take a single pill, not the bottle, to the table. If I sit down and am not carrying a pill, I go get one. It's much easier to remember if I don't have any ambiguous states in my schedule.

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